Here you can find few "selected" projects that I've worked on, both open source and commercial and those are not under NDA. every open-source project is available on my GitHub. For small scripts e.g 1day scripts, I usually upload them as gists on Gist. To recive an updated CV feel free to contact me.


Open Source

CloudBrute: A tool to find a company (target) infrastructure, files, and apps on the top cloud providers (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, DigitalOcean, Alibaba, Vultr, Linode). The outcome is useful for bug bounty hunters, red teamers, and penetration testers alike. TechStack: Go Bash Demo.

CrazyWall: Think of CrazyWall as a digital evidence board. It accepts and treats different user inputs, namely IP address, username, full name, domain name. after detecting and processing your input based on your input, it returns different data. TechStack: Vue.js Go Fiber MySQL Nginx Demo.

Sec3Hub: The ultimate aggegator Hub for all things SEC3 starting with the SEC3 websites, Smart Contract autitors, Incidents, Products, Tools and Resources, and more. .TechStack: Deno PostgresSQL Next.js Viem Demo.



AffiNetwork: Affi Network enables advertisers and publishers to collaborate on a self-serve basis to promote NFT projects. Advertisers pay per sale and publishers receive commissions instantly from NFT sales generated through their unique link. All conversions are verified on-chain. TechStack: Foundry HardHat Solidity TypeScript Wagmi Supabase PostgresSQL React Next.js Demo.

HunterSuite: was born out of the need for a tool that can automate the process of recon and gave out pleasant real-time report it had a great run and in its time it was way beyond its competitor nowdays there are other tools that are more advanced and trying to solve the same problem. you can watch the trailer. TechStack: Laravel LiveWire jQuery JavaScript Forge MySQL PHP Go Demo.

SMFD: digital signature but not as wallet signature or public key signature but as a human signature in its digital form. SMFD is a digital signature that can be used to sign any document or file and it can be verified by anyone without the need for any third party. you can watch the trailer. Laravel jQuery JavaScript Forge MySQL PHP Demo.

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