Hi there,

I'm Sha, currently diving deep into my computer science PhD journey. Alongside, I've spent the last decade getting my hands dirty in all sorts of tech stuff. So far i've workd as a full-stack developer, an AI researcher, a penetration tester, a security researcher, a blockchain lead protocol engineer and few other tech roles.

These days, I'm wearing the CTO/Tech-Lead hat, mostly working with up-and-coming blockchain startups. But hey, deep down, I'm just a guy who loves to tinker with security systems. I found vulnerabilities in companies like Netflix, Zoom, Razer, and Bitdefender, where I've had some fun finding chinks in their digital armor. Crafting zero-days and one-days is kind of my thing, and it even got me a nod for the Pwnie Awards back in 2020.

If you want a glimpse of what I'm up to these days or need a hand with something techy, swing by my GitHub . Or just drop me an email or a LinkedIn message – I'm always up for a chat. And if you're into the latest tech musings, give me a follow on Twitter.

I'm planning to start sharing more stories and experiences on Medium rather than here. Looking forward to possibly teaming up and exploring new tech horizons together!
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